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Extra Virgen Olive Oil

Molino la Tebaida is a factory dedicated since 2002 to craft production of olive Extra Virgin oil, ground stone, straining traditional system, first cold-pressed unfiltered to preserve the properties of the fruit intact. We invite you to visit us, enjoy our range of oils, concer extraction process and much more!


Molino la Tebaida Molina la Tebaida invites you to come during production season and watch the olive oil being processed. Visit us from June onwards and you will see the following steps:

Harvest: In late autumn/beginning of winter our harvesters finish gathering the grapes and the harvest of the olive begins. First harvested is the olive we eat, then the canned or preserved olive and finally the olive used to make oil. 

We wait for the fruit to reach full maturity, when the colour changes to a green/purple colour. The olives are then sorted into small boxes each weighing 25kg and go directly to the factory or oil press.

Selection and cleaning the fruit: Once in the Tebaida the best olives are selected, their leaves removed and cleaned.

Milling: Once the previous step has been completed the fruit goes to the mill where two cone shaped stone mills turn over the large granite base, grinding it completely (including the pit) until a paste is formed.

Pressing: uOnce the paste is prepared we begin to work with the motors and the capachos (a type of circular woven mat). Then go to the press where in just one single compression all the juice (water and oil) is extracted.

Decanting: The water must now be separated from the juice leaving the oil ready to be used.

This method of extraction is 100% natural ensuring our olive oil is entirely pure and preservative free.

Aceite de Oliva
Aceite de Oliva
MOLINO LA TEBAIDA. Soldado de la Independencia 650, San Martín (5570) Mendoza. Argentina.
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